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Home Bar & Game Room Design

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Bar/Game Room

Score with your friends when you invite them over to watch games or play Fort Nite on a large screen or multiple screens. Enjoy the full HD experience with smart technology at your fingertips. You will have complete control over the lighting, entertainment, and temperature, all while cheering on your favorite team. And with smart automation, you can choose from different media sources, including Apple TV, satellite, cable, or Playstation® from any area of your home.

Climate Control

Whether your man cave is downstairs in a colder climate or on the top floor with rising heat, you can adjust your temperature to your comfort level on your phone app. When your game room isn’t in use, lower the temps to save on energy costs.


Need some ambiance lighting for an evening of wine and relaxation while watching a romantic movie with your SO, program your lights to lower at the perfect time. Or, turn the lights up to full volume as you experience virtual reality games or watching the Superbowl.


Want the full Top Gun sound experience? Have your bar/game room programmed with the best surround system you can control on your phone that makes you feel as if you’re experiencing the sound in real-time. If you have a family night with small kids in the game room, control how loud the music or TV is, or turn off the sound for board games.


If the doorbell rings while you’re enjoying a cocktail with friends, see who’s at the door without needing to excuse yourself. Just open up your app or have it notify you via the camera installed. You can also check on kids in their rooms, while you and your spouse enjoy some time alone.

Whatever you want to control in your bar/game room, we can help design a customized smart home that fits your style and preferences.