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Enjoy the Best Home Entertainment Experience with Distributed AV

A living area with a large flat-screen TV above a fireplace and views of the mountains.

Bring Stunning Images and Sound to Your Home with Whole-Home Audio Video

Some of you may not remember, but there was a time in our recorded history when we had to get up from our comfy couch and walk over to the TV to change the channels. As technology progressed, we were blessed with remote controls, often one that changed the volume and the other that managed the source. Frightening! 

Someday, we may look back at our current audio-video systems in the same light. We won’t need AV equipment in every room. Instead, we'll choose the audio and video source and the space we want to hear it on a touchscreen or elegant in-wall keypad. When we’re away, we’ll pull up an app on our smartphone or mobile device to see which devices are on or turn on our favorite after-work playlist to greet us when we walk in the door. Remarkable!

The truth is that this remarkable day is here for Park City, UT, homes, and it’s called whole-home audio video.

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Let Your Smart Home Prepare for You in Advance

A modern, well-lit home in the distance at dusk.

Smart Home Automation Sets the Mood for Every Occasion

According to Insider Intelligence, in 2021, almost 42% of U.S. households used a smart home device. Some of the most popular devices in Salt Lake City, UT, and the nation include speakers, televisions, new-generation gaming consoles, and video doorbells. While these devices offer advanced entertainment and security, a smart home provides much more. 

Smart home automation creates a home of comfort, convenience, safety, and enjoyment. A home's many systems, including lighting, climate, security, and entertainment, work together to form an environment in tune with a family’s lifestyle and needs. Here are just a few ways your smart home offers unprecedented ease of living.

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Creating a Customized Home Theater That’s Designed Just for You

A media room with a sectional, pool table, projector, and large movie screen displaying a nature scene.

Every Family Is Different, and Every Home Theater Should Be Too

Today’s dedicated home theaters offer unrivaled entertainment. Thanks to the latest advancements in audio-video technology and customized home theater design, homeowners can experience the same big screen, lifelike images, and immersive 3D sound field once found only in the finest cinemas.

To achieve this, every aspect needs to be carefully designed and engineered, from the acoustic paneling to the strategically installed and calibrated speakers. The placement of the seating, the size and type of movie screen, and even the light fixtures and controls all play a significant role in creating a customized home theater that exceeds our client’s expectations. 

Let’s explore what makes the ultimate home theater in Park City, UT.

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Creating Clean Energy with a Power Management System

A home’s living room and dining area with sunlight streaming through the windows. An Eco Gen 3.1 solar battery sits against the wall.

Reduce Your Reliance on the Power Grid with an Eco-Friendly Home

A study conducted in Utah in 2021 found that the state’s power grid may not have the reserve capacity to keep the lights and air conditioners on in an extended heat wave. According to Jeff Bousson, the climate program manager for Clean Energy Utah, extreme heat is the number one cause of death due to climate change, and now is the time to prepare.

The good news is that green energy is on the rise, and smart homes in Salt Lake City, UT, can take advantage of this. A power management system can sustain homes in the event of a power outage and help homeowners manage their day-to-day use of energy. According to Bosch, a technology company, up to 70% of a smart home’s energy demand can be met with these systems in a four-person household.

Let’s look at why we need these systems now and how they work. 

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The Latest Trends in Home Theater Installations

Multi-use media room with a projector, movie screen, and sectional.

The Latest Technology Brings Better Content and AV Performance

It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time when home theater sound was mono, coming from one single space, a flat and narrow reproduction of sound. Dolby Stereo broke through the ranks with the release of Star Wars in 1977 but didn't make it into home theaters until almost a decade later. At the same time, cutting-edge technology consisted of 19-inch high-resolution color TVs.

Times have certainly changed. Today, we have 4K and 8K screen resolutions and 4K HDR laser projectors. The first 4K Blu-ray discs came out in 2016, and our home theater receivers can now handle side, rear, front, and overhead speakers plus subwoofers, delivering truly immersive audio. In 2022, many home theaters surpass the best movie theaters in town. 

Technology continues to advance. Let’s look at the latest trends and how home theater installations have changed in Salt Lake City, UT in recent years. 

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Create a Healthier Home with Today’s Lighting Design

Dining area with varying light fixtures and shades half drawn.

Natural and Full Spectrum Tunable Lighting Creates the Perfect Environment

It’s been over 140 years since Thomas Edison perfected the incandescent light bulb, a form of lighting that’s still used in an estimated three-fourths of all light sockets in homes in America. This technology has enhanced our lives in unimaginable ways, creating a 24/7 lifestyle that enables us to work and play long into the evenings.

Today, however, there's increasing evidence suggesting our significant exposure to artificial light affects our health. Circadian rhythms, our body’s 24-hour internal time clocks which affect our mind, body, and behaviors, are to a large degree, influenced by light and darkness. When sunlight enters our eyes in the morning, it prompts the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that contributes to happiness and well-being. When night descends, our bodies produce melatonin, the hormone that readies us for sleep. When this cycle is disrupted, sleep and mood disorders, weight gain, and a challenged immune system may result. 

So, what does this have to do with lighting design in your Salt Lake City, UT, home? Everything.

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