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3 Fundamental Features for a Top-Notch Media Room Installation

Enhance Any Home’s Space with These Smart Technologies

3 Fundamental Features for a Top-Notch Media Room Installation

Want to guarantee you can deliver the media room of your clients’ dreams with every project?

When it comes to perfecting the ultimate media room installation, there are a few necessary features that the construction should include.

If you’re an architect or interior designer in the West Jordan, UT area, you can help ensure that your homeowners love their entertainment spaces setups, equipped with these quality technologies.

Read on below to learn more about putting together the ideal media room for your clients, and the key features to add for it stand out amongst the rest.


4K Screen & Projector

A media room’s primary function is for its viewers to sit back, relax, and enjoy their media of choice.  This means that a quality projector is crucial for a worth-while viewing experience.

A 4K Ultra HD resolution projector is the best solution. Featuring four times the pixel-density of standard 1080p HD, 4K offers a crystal-clear image every time.

Plus, projectors and screens are easy to hide when you employ motorized lifts. The projector and screen can easily hide in the ceiling and are easy to lower down when homeowners are ready to watch.

And the best part?  The equipment can stay out of sight when it’s not in use so that it won’t create clutter or clash with a client’s existing décor and style.


Motorized Shades

While watching a movie, TV show, or even the big game, there’s nothing quite as bad as when sunlight overtakes the screen and makes it impossible to view.  Now your homeowners won’t have to worry about this annoyance.

Even if they have elegant floor-to-ceiling windows, a press of a button can lower automated shades down over them and block out any of the sun’s natural lighting – effectively removing any light from the media room.

Your clients will be able to use their smartphones, tablets, or remotes to lower and operate the smart shades.  And if you’re designing a specific theme for the media room, the shades come in an endless array of patterns, styles, and fabrics that can fit you and your client’s choice.

There’s also the choice of dual shading.  This option allows you to pair “blackout” shades with sheer, more colorful ones.  This lets homeowners use both when they find either appropriate.  It also gives them the freedom to customize their media without the window treatments limiting your designs and plans.


High-End Speakers

A media room’s audio is fundamental to creating a completely immersive viewing atmosphere.  Your client will need high-end speakers to make the ultimate media room.

There’s the choice of traditional standing speakers that are quite big and more theatrical in appearance.  They provide fantastic sound and fit in well with most standard and serious media rooms.

With hidden speakers, there are small cabinet and in-wall ones that blend in seamlessly with any design of a room.  These can also be placed around a room to create a surround sound system, while still staying concealed within furniture or on top of shelves.

It all depends on what your homeowner wishes for and what you think is best for the overall media room layout.

You and your clients will never again have to sacrifice style for functionality in your future media rooms.


Want to learn more about media room technologies and how they can benefit your homeowners?  Give us a call or fill out our contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us.  We’d love to hear from you!