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Home Theater Design

Home Theater Design Park City UT


Enjoy the full theater experience without going out and spending a pretty penny for movies and popcorn. In your Park City home, we specialize in home theater design with integrated systems that can be controlled on one screen. With the best acoustic sound, your friends and family can enjoy high-definition movies that give them a full surround sound experience.

With our engineering, we can provide your theater room with the utmost speaker placement for the best sound. Get comfortable with plush theater seats positioned perfectly for the optimal viewing experience of your big screen.


Having the right lighting is integral for the best viewing experience. When you automate your lighting with us, all you need to do is press a button or pre-program your lights to turn off and on at just the right time—like they do at the theater. Pause the movie, turn up the lights, and grab more drinks and popcorn. Then, push play, and the room goes dark again. This saves on energy costs and allows for mood lighting when you want it.

High-Performance Audio

When we design your theater room, we take into account outside noise and minimize it, so all you hear is a clear sound coming from all corners of your theater room. With specialized acoustic treatments and maximum audio sound, you control how loud or how surrounded by music you are, allowing you to customize your theater room to your liking.

Home Media

Even when your cinema room is not in use for movies or music playing, you can play games or even sit and read in an isolated area. Charge your phone or mobile device and enjoy the peace. If you want to listen to soft music, you can program the sound, turn the lights on low, and be in the zone when you’ve had a stressful day.

Automated Window Treatments

To ensure the sun’s glare doesn’t ruin your movie experience, program your smart home theater to close blinds or curtains, or lower shades. When the theater room isn’t in use, or you want an area alone to enjoy the warm sun, pressing a button allows the rays in, without you needing to do anything.