Smart Home Security - Going Beyond Just Alarms

Smart Home Security - Going Beyond Just Alarms

A Complete Security System Provides Peace of Mind for Your WholeHome

Your home should be a place of peace and sanctuary. A smart home security system brings peace of mind by providing a clear view of your property and alerting you to potential intrusions. 

An integrated security system monitors more than just your entry points and yard; it notifies you of issues like leaks and temperature levels that could cost you money and enjoyment of your house. Whether you are in the next room or at your vacation home, receive real-time notifications of trouble or allow access to areas of your Park City, UT home with a touch of a button or through your mobile app. 

Are you looking to protect your assets with a comprehensive security and surveillance system? Read more below to find out how. 

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Security, Integrated

A smart home endows you with effortless control of multiroom audio, climate, and media. In the same way, integrating complete monitoring and security for every aspect of your house ensures that you resolve the incident before too much damage is done. 

Protecting personal property and family is the top priority for any alarm system. Beyond reporting the possibility of a break-in, you can be notified and monitor who approaches your front door or other entry points. Use your touch panel or mobile app to check-in on the kids playing at the pool or keeping to the backyard.  

Leveraging Lighting 

Lighting plays a significant role in preventing and identifying unwanted trespassers. Police and security companies have long noted that illuminated pathways and entry doors discourage intruders from attempting access.

The concern of being easily identified in a well-lit doorway equipped with video doorbells and garage door cameras is a significant deterrent. When a sensor is tripped, the security system can activate outdoor and indoor lights to indicate activity in the home and imminent discovery. 

Beyond Intrusion Alerts

The modern conveniences of today’s homes includes interconnected networks, from plumbing and electrical to temperature control. Many of these systems are out of sight, hidden behind walls and maintenance room doors. On the rare occasions that one of these should fail unnoticed, the results could be devastating. 

A smart security system can send alerts to your property manager via remote messaging or indicate trouble on our touchscreen and mobile app. With enough notice, you can take preemptive action. Bring in tradespeople to fix a leak in the HVAC system, prevent freezing pipes in a vacation home, or correct temperature and humidity issues in the wine cellar. 

A whole-home security system furnishes you with the confidence that your home is protected, inside and out. 


Are you interested in upgrading your smart home security system?  Contact All MetroTech today to learn more about smart homes and their security features.

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