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What’s So Special About Living in a Control4 Smart Home?

Learn How a Leading Control4 Dealer Can Transform Your Living Experience

What’s So Special About Living in a Control4 Smart Home?

If you want a more luxurious lifestyle, then upgrading to a Control4 smart home system is the perfect choice. Control4 is a leader in the development and integration of smart technologies. Even though the companyuses sophisticated technology, they ensure that everything is easy for homeowners to access and use. The result is a seamless smart home experience. 

You’ll enjoy complete one-touch control of your lights, motorized shades, home security system, home audio-video, and much more. All Metro Tech is a Control4 dealer in Salt Lake City, UT, that can make it happen for you. Keep reading to discover the three top reasons to have a Control4 system in your home. 

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1. It’s Easy to Use

Some people enjoy the challenge of learning new tech. Afterall, new technologies can add a level of convenience and luxury to our lives. But most prefer a learning curve that is less-than-curvy. Control4 understands that. That’s why they have done everything to make their systems easy to operate and simple to understand. Do you know how to use a smartphone? If so, then most of your learning is behind you already! 

Here’s an example.Let’s say you’re sitting in your home theater, getting ready to watch a movie. You want to adjust the lights. Simply open the C4 app on your smartphone or use your Control4 tablet. Then select a pre-programmed lighting scene by tapping a few icons, and all the lights adjust automatically. Or, if you prefer, you can use the C4 Neeo remote. Your smart home system integrates seamlessly with the theater lights (as well as any other connected lighting in your home)allowing you to adjust the luminosity and hue right from the comfort of your seat.

But lighting isn’t the only technology you can control. Control4 is an expansive smart home system that can make nearly every technology in your home “smart.” For instance, check the home surveillance cameras from your tablet. Lock and unlock the doors. Play music through your whole-home audio system. And control the temperature in your home from your smart mobile device. If you’d like to learn how to operate this user-friendly system, visit our tutorials page for helpful C4 videos

 2. Plays Well with Others

Not all technologies play well together. That’s because they need to speak the same “language” to communicate properly. If the underlying code and programming are different, then they will be incompatible. Fortunately, Control4 has recognized that the smart home industry is always expanding and adding new products. That’s why they’ve purposely developed excellent relationships with manufacturers of other smart devices. This makes integration virtually seamless. In fact, Control4’s OS 3 system works perfectly with more than 14,000 3rd-party products – lighting, security, AV, climate control, electric fans, outdoor technology, and many other devices. 

 3. Maintains a Strong Connection

It’s always fun to add more smart products to your home. However, because most of them depend on your internet and Wi-Fi signal, they can put a strain on your home network. So, if you’re watching a 4K movie in your private home cinema, your children are using the whole-home audio system to play music in their rooms, and your spouse is on a video conference call, your network could experience lags.

The solution is to have a robust home network. Control4 uses wired enterprise-grade home networking products to ensure a strong signal and one that doesn’t get overloaded when multiple devices are in use. That means you can watch TV, view feeds from your security cameras, play songs through your multi-room audio system, and much more without any problem.  

Discover all the benefits of using an experienced Control4 dealer for your smart home project. Call All Metro Techat (801) 330-8320 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.