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What’s New in Savant Technology

Check Out these Innovative Features to Elevate Your Living Space

What’s New in Savant Technology

Living with the best home automation system adds luxury and efficiency to your daily life, with endless features you can build upon as the years go by.

Do you have this smart home setting in your life, or are you ready to take yours to the next level?

With a Savant Installer, you can elevate your Park City, UT living space more than ever before. Brand-new features rolled out in 2018 that are set to make your everyday routine a breeze and more comfortable.

So whether you already have a Savant system or are just getting started on your smart home automation journey, these new features are a must for your house.

Keep on reading below to learn more about these awesome upgrades and technologies!




Updated App User-face

Your smartphone’s Savant app that controls your home is a crucial part of your system’s everyday usage.  Now, the Pro 8 App for iOS has a lighter and sleeker design for your entertainment systems.

The screen that lets you usually switch from cable to streaming services and your media library, now allows you to manage the simplest of controls – your volume and mute button.

You can now design your own “button trays” in the app so you can always see the button or command you need most often.  Now there are also more brand icons to view, so you’ll be able to find your desired service quicker.


Always Enjoy Your Music Everywhere

Savant Music 2.0 is the company’s new music server meant to make listening to music anywhere in your home a stress-free and entertainment-filled time.

Increased speed, stability, and song queues mean you can rely better on your music system to deliver - whether you’re just chilling at home or hosting the party of the summer.

The redesigned app control screens mean you and any family member or friend can operate the system and choose their favorite tunes with ease.

An available equalizer screen lets you also fine-tune your audio’s quality on any accompanying device.  Now you can stream Spotify or Pandora throughout your home, knowing it’s high-performance sound will play through your all of your speakers.


TrueImage Color Temperature

Color temperature has a significant impact on a room’s atmosphere whether you know it or not.  And Savant has now upgraded their popular TrueImage interface to include white temperature settings, which is for the color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6000K.

New features have color presets and combinations to use for a better recall of your favorite temperatures and moods.  An advanced color selection tool for Savant Smart Bulb and Strips now lets you pick a more exact color you want for any room.

A new slider interface also lets you choose the precise RGB value you want for your room’s color temperature.  You can now completely transform a room’s environment with smart, modern lighting with just a push of a button on Savant’s touchscreen.

A professional Savant installer can bring these new and upgraded smart features to your system for enhanced functionality throughout your home.  Want to learn more?

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!