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Using a Nest in Your Office

Using a Nest in Your Office

Smart home technology has been an exciting development in this day and age, but there’s no need to keep the advancements in the home. Smart home technology can be even more effective for protecting and optimizing your workspace. Using smart home technology in your office may seem unnecessary and expensive, but there are actually a plethora of benefits to bringing new and updated tools into your workspace.

At All Metro Tech we are passionate about creating a web of smart technology that meets the exact needs of our customers. We utilize a wide range of tools to create a smart space that is safe, comfortable, efficient, as well as time- and money-saving. Today, All Metro Tech is sharing some critical information and benefits of using a Nest or other smart thermostat in your office space. If you’ve been considering this type of smart technology for your office space, read carefully to determine if a smart thermostat could be the right choice for your office, and exactly how to make your smart office happen.

Smart Thermostats

One of the first and most popular pieces of smart technology is the smart thermometer. A smart thermostat has the ability to connect to the internet and be controlled remotely by your phone or other device. Smart thermostats can be programmed with a schedule, or to respond to external temperatures, if certain individuals are present in the home, and more. The technology is impressive and feels futuristic, but it’s very simple to use.

Smart thermostats are popular for people who need a wide range of temperatures throughout the day. Utahns understand why you might need it to be twenty degrees warmer in the evenings than in the middle of the day, since our external temperature can swing so dramatically. A smart thermostat can be programmed with a schedule to begin warming up a few hours before you get home from work, and to drop a few degrees when no one is home. It can be controlled while you’re at work or even out of town.

Another benefit of the smart thermostat is that it can alert you to potentially dangerous situations. Some smart thermostats can indicate carbon monoxide leaks, HVAC unit problems, a water heater failure, and concerning swings in temperature that can indicate open windows or doors. If you struggle with allergies or high levels of pollution, air quality and air flow might be important to you and can be illuminated with a smart thermostat.

Office Thermostats

The thermostat in your office might be the battle scene of a power struggle. Some people like it cool, others are sick of their teeth chattering. What if someone forgets to turn it down before the weekend, or if it just always gets intolerably warm after lunch? A smart thermostat can solve many potential problems for your office space. The benefits of smart thermostats apply just as easily, if not better, to a workplace environment.

First, the temperature scheduling can make your office much more comfortable. A Nest or smart thermostat can track the temperature in your space over time to indicate trends of heat, cold, or discomfort. You’ll be able to better determine what temperatures are reasonable to keep your employees comfortable and productive. Your office can be set on a schedule that works for you, such as cooling off in the evenings and overnight, and warming up in the early morning before work hours begin. It’s possible that your office is entirely vacant over weekends, so you can schedule your thermostat to conserve energy while the building remains empty without having to remember to turn it down every Friday afternoon on your way out of work.

Second, the remote smart functions of a Nest or other smart thermostat can be important for your office. If you forget about an extras day off work, you can access the thermostat from any location – even if you’re on vacation. You can check into your Nest account to see the status of your office, which makes your office space much more secure and safe. In fact, there can be insurance benefits to using smart office technology.

Finally, a smart thermostat can save your office hundreds of dollars. By keeping your office at a more moderate temperature overnight and on weekends you are reducing the amount of energy and resources used by your office’s HVAC unit, as well as decreasing the strain on your HVAC unit. This decreases your office’s utility bills, and decreases the need for expensive repairs in the future. It can also prevent the tug-of-war that sometimes occurs over the office thermostat, which promotes peace and productivity amongst your employees.

Can My Office Use a Nest Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats were originally designed with individual homes in mind, and that is still their primary target today. However, smart thermostats can still work very effectively in an office setting. It will depend on the size and setup of your office and the age of your HVAC unit and system. All Metro Tech can consult with your business to find a smart thermostat that will work for your office to keep you safe, comfortable, and saving money. Check out all we have to offer!