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Top 3 Reasons to Consider Whole-Home Automation

Why Smart Home Automation Makes Sense for Your Lifestyle

Top 3 Reasons to Consider Whole-Home Automation

More and more homeowners are adding smart products to their homes. And why shouldn’t they? Smart technology has become so integral to our lives. Our mobile phones offer endless apps and features powered by artificial intelligenceSome cars are smart enough to practically drive themselves.And online marketing campaigns seem to know what we’re thinking before we even start searching

Instead of letting smart tech happen to you, it’s time to take control of it!Whole-home automation takes the best of smart technology, integrates it with any number of products and systems in your Heber, UT, home, and gives you complete one-touch control over it all. Still, need more convincing? Keep reading to discover the three top reasons smart home automation is the perfect choice for your life. 

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1. Live a Life of Luxury

The goal of innovation is usually convenience. We want our lives to have a certain level of ease and luxury. Think about the inventions of the past century: lights and electricity, electric stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, remote-controlled TVs, computers, and much more. They added luxury to our lives – something our ancestors never knew. 

Now, whole-home automation is doing the same thing. By tapping an icon on your smart home tablet, you can control the motorized shades, lighting, home security, home entertainment system, and even your indoor climate. In fact, if you prefer, do it from your smartphone. Smart home technology is a life-changing innovation that simplifies the control you have of all the systems in your home. 

2. An All-in-One Solution

You probably never thought your lights could be connected to your window blinds or your TV connected to your home security system. But with a smart home, they are! A whole-home automation system acts as the central hub for all your connected technologies. So, if you are watching a movie in your home theater, and you receive a security alert, you can pull up the live feed of your surveillance cameras right on your TV. 

Or, as you wake in the morning, tap a scene on your smart tablet to illuminate your room and raise the blinds throughout your home. That’s what so smart about a smart home! You don’t need to access controls in multiple places throughout your home. Instead, you can do it anywhere – in your bedroom, home theater, kitchen, outdoor spaces, or even remotely. 

3. What Learning Curve? 

Here’s where many people are surprised by home automation. There’s virtually no learning curve when it comes to operating the system. So, you don’t need to reserve hours of your day to read a multi-page owner’s manual. If you know how to operate your iPhone or Android phone, then the learning process is relatively straightforward. The smart home interface is quite user-friendly – with icon-based controls that make sense to anyone. 

However, if you have questions, All Metro Tech is here to help. We also feature a few short video tutorials to help you become familiar with operating your new system. Each video highlights how to operate various devices throughout your home. In the end, you’ll enjoy a highly sophisticated system that is so easy to use. 

Would you like to learn more about setting up a whole-home automation system? Call us at (801) 330-8320 or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.