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The Financial Benefits of a Smart Office

The Financial Benefits of a Smart Office

The internet has revolutionized the way our homes and workspaces operate. Thanks to the automation of home devices, such as smart thermostats and Wi-Fi enabled appliances like robot vacuum cleaners; technology is transforming the way people interact with the most mundane household items. Even offices are taking advantage of the ever-expanding line of smart home appliances, with more and more offices calling themselves “smart offices.”

A smart office is a workplace powered by technology, and the goal of a smart office is to incentivize employees to work more efficiently and, of course, work smarter. Sensors, beacons, and mobile apps help employees perform their job duties better and faster; this, in turn, gives employees more time and mental capacity to take their tasks to the next level. Think about it: employees used to have to stand up and walk across the room to clock in and clock out. 

Now, an employee can clock in and clock out from the comfort of their desk by using a mobile app. The simple act of clocking into work saves employees a few minutes of their time, and although this doesn’t sound like much, a few minutes can be the difference between meeting deadlines or falling behind. 

Furthermore, employees who work in a smart office have better communication as opposed to people who work in a traditional office. Sensors can notify you if a particular conference room is booked and tell you how long it’ll be occupied. Employees no longer waste time walking up and down flights of stairs only to find out the conference room is already in use. 

Best of all, employees can be in constant contact with each other through messaging systems and chat rooms. The accessibility of online messaging makes cubicle life feel less isolated. Smart technology promotes productivity, is fun to use, and keeps office employees satisfied. All of these benefits increase your business’s bottom line. Here are some reasons to consider turning your regular office into a smart office. 


Energy Savings

Automated lighting is one of the best ways facilities can optimize and keep track of energy consumption. After the proven success of automated lighting, smart offices are now applying more technology in a variety of ways to optimize resources and save on their energy bills. One of the many ways your office can make use of integrated technology to manage separate facilities is by using remotely operated HVAC units. By taking advantage of apps designed to control the temperature across different floors and conference rooms, you can better manage resource allocation. Once you notice which rooms aren’t used as often, you can cut down on wasted energy and utility costs. 

There’s also now a rise in start-up companies that provide other businesses with information about their energy consumption. These companies use a combination of hardware and software to identify and create an energy fingerprint. An energy fingerprint refers to the electrical demand of a building, and it automatically extracts a set of statistical parameters of energy consumption in buildings based on a time series. Pairing up with one of these businesses can help you better understand your office’s energy usage, which will help you save money each month. 


Enhanced Productivity

Your employees are your company’s biggest asset, and making sure they’re satisfied should be your main priority. Smart offices leverage technology to make sure their staff is as happy and efficient as possible. Flexibility and the freedom to use technology to complete work on time are critical to the modern employee experience. According to a survey conducted by Bentley University, 77% of today’s workforce said flexible work hours would make them more productive at their job. 

Given the luxury of digital technology that allows people to work anytime, anywhere, this statistic hardly comes as a surprise. By 2030, it’s estimated most office jobs will offer flextime and telecommuting opportunities. Some companies allow employees to work from home twice a month, which calls for more of a work-family balance and allows people to expand their skill set. 

With the proper tools in place to promote connectivity from anywhere, such as on-demand video conferencing, chat rooms in real-time, and cloud-based project management tools, employees who work best with a flexible schedule will be able to maximize their productivity from both the office and their bedroom. 

A smart environment will help your business attract talented, well-rounded employees while improving your current employee retention rate. Avoid the cost of losing a skilled employee by providing a technologically advanced and pleasant work environment for your team. 


Treat your office to the following smart products:

  • Smart lighting
  • Intelligent climate control
  • Smart conference room
  • Smart desks
  • Indoor wayfinding
  • Video monitoring


Once you transform your office into a modern technological hub, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it any sooner. A full-service commercial custom electronics design and integration company can help you upgrade your office with the latest smart home technology. All Metro Tech is comprised of world-class experts in every field, and their number one priority is to provide the best products and service to our clients. Contact All Metro Tech today.