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Strengthen Your Business with Simple, Smart Automation

Improve productivity, cut costs, make collaboration easier and more

Strengthen Your Business with Simple, Smart Automation

There’s very little time or money to waste in the life of a small business, and yet so many companies throw away valuable resources on outdated technology. If you’re a business owner in the Salt Lake City region, we at All Metro Tech want to help you and your business be all they can be. Let us show you all the benefits commercial automation systems have to offer.


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Meetings are vital to ensure everyone in your business is working toward a common goal, but dealing with connection issues or other problems takes precious minutes that could be spent more productively. Instead of fussing with PINs or other outdated technology, upgrade to a one-touch conference call system to make sure your team can communicative and collaborate seamlessly. We have products from a wide range of partners that can help your business work more productively.

Another system you can use to get more from your meetings is distributed audio-video. Distributed A/V involves centralizing control of all your devices in one interface, making it easier to showcase whatever content you want around your office while also cutting costs by eliminating the need for multiple, independent cable or streaming boxes. Distributed A/V is a particularly attractive option for restaurants and bars, but it’s handy in boardroom settings as well for client presentations and meetings.



An often-overlooked aspect of running a business is the lighting in your workspace. Lighting affects your employees’ moods and productivity, while keeping energy costs low is vital to your bottom line. Luckily, commercial lighting control systems can help you get the most from your workers and keep costs down.

When it comes to your employees, standard overhead lighting is boring, harsh to look at and doesn’t do much to help to improve focus. Modern lighting can better replicate natural light conditions in your office, which helps your workers maintain their circadian rhythms and be more productive. On the cost side, a web of sensors and centralized control systems make sure lights aren’t running in unoccupied spaces, reducing your energy consumption. Add motorized shades and integrate your HVAC system to help you save even more money by keeping your workspace better insulated from both heat and cold.



So far we’ve focused on the direct benefits automation can have on your business, but there are more indirect advantages as well. We’ve mentioned distributed A/V is in bars and restaurants, but digital signage linked to a distributed A/V system will wow potential customers and save you money by letting you change out your ads more quickly and easily.

Another important component of your business that can easily be automated is security. Integrated security systems can alert you to an incident by sending a message to your mobile device, and you can set up your cameras to give you live feeds of what’s happening no matter where you are in the world.


If you’re ready to give your business a technology upgrade, we’d be delighted to work with you. For more information, call us at (801) 330-8320, visit our showroom at 6060 South 300 West, Suite 12 in Murray, or fill out our contact form online.