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How to Keep Your Home Cozy and Warm this Winter Season

Motorized Shades are the Perfect Addition to Help Beat the Cold

How to Keep Your Home Cozy and Warm this Winter Season

With winter arriving, you might find yourself staying inside more where it’s nice and warm. Of course, to keep your home comfortable, your heating system will most likely be on full-blast, upping your bill significantly.

There’s an easy way to avoid these costs and hassles while still maintaining warmth. Motorized shades are a convenient and appealing way to keep the frigid cold outside where it belongs.  Read on to see how this smart technology can change life in your Park City, UT home.


How Does the Heat Escape?

If your home is full of beautiful windows, they might also be the main source of heat loss – particularly if they are un-tinted or single-paned.  Your heat seeps out of each window while you’re trying to stay toasty and warm.

The warm air created by your heater inches up to the window’s glass and begins to heat up the air on the other side.  Once that hot air loses its heat energy, it moves to the bottom of the floor.

Then you’re left with a cold room and a heater pushing your bills higher and higher.

How Motorized Shades Can Help

You can protect your home from the cold by putting a shield on your windows: motorized shades.

By insulating it from the window’s cold, your home is using its own heat to stay warm – much like your body does when wrapped up in a blanket.

The heavier your blanket, the warmer you are – the same goes for your house.  Heavy window treatments such as long curtains do the trick.  The thick material prevents heat transfer, and the small gap of air between the curtains and window provide even more great insulation.

If you’re looking for a less bulky look, honeycomb shades are an amazing style choice.  They are designed with pockets of air within the shades themselves, creating insulation and an energy-efficient shade.

How Automation Makes It All Easy

Motorized shades don’t just bring comfort and warmth to your home – they are also super convenient to use.  With a press of a button, you can easily manage your shades. 

You can also integrate your shades into your home control system so you can use them with your lighting control and smart thermostat – all of them working together seamlessly.

With an integrated system, sensors can tell when a room is getting too cold.  Then it will automatically lower the shades, and turn on the lights to adjust to the new setting.

Motorized shades can help you stay warm, and save money and energy this winter! To learn more about smart shading, give us a call or fill out our quick contact form online to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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