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How to Improve Your Home’s Wi-Fi Coverage

Home Networking Solutions for a Better Connection

How to Improve Your Home’s Wi-Fi Coverage

A strong and secure home networking system is no longer a luxury but a necessity. These days, it’s not only important for your computer or smartphone, but for your home’s thermostat, security, and an ever-expanding list of connected devices. If you experience any lag time or connection issues in your Park City, UT home, perhaps it’s time to develop and perfect your home’s network. Continue reading for some Wi-Fi tips and tricks. 

Add Wireless Access Points

A typical home router can send a signal 150 feet. However, physical barriers can affect the strength of the signal. That’s why some rooms will have better signal than others, even if they are the same distance from the router. Adding wireless access points can help expand your signal and maintain a consistent connection throughout your home. They are typically hardwired to your router and act like an antenna to extend your home’s networking. An expanded Wi-Fi means that you can enjoy your smart systems throughout your entire property. For instance, a wireless audio solution is only as good as your wireless connection.

You can even add access points outside with weatherproof options. As summer approaches, you can enjoy your favorite technologies from audio to streaming services in the sunshine.

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Update Your Equipment

If you’re experiencing any difficulties with your home’s network, it may be time to upgrade. It seems like the most natural thing to upgrade your smartphone or laptop every few years as the most recent models come out, but are you doing the same with your router? The latest models of routers have a much higher bandwidth and can produce a much stronger signal than older versions. An upgrade might make a huge difference.

You may also want to take some time to update your router’s software. Just like you update your phone periodically to get the latest features, router manufacturers provide new versions of their firmware to better protect your router and improve its performance. With a modern router, the process is simple. Most have a button you just have to press to download the latest version of the software.

Change the Channel

If it is time to get a new router, make sure that you are purchasing a multi-channel model. With a multi-channel version, you have the option to switch between channels if one is congested. If many of your neighbors are operating on the same channel as you, it may slow your connection down. Work with a networking professional to discover what channel your neighbors are using, so you can use one that has less traffic. This will help keep outside forces from impeding your quick connection.

You’ll also want to make sure that your router is dual-band. That means that you can use either the more common frequency of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. Again, if your neighbors are all using the same frequency as you, it can slow your home’s Wi-Fi. Having the option to switch between frequencies means you can get out of the traffic and into the express lane.

Improving your home’s network means improving all of your home’s technologies. If you need some help, contact All Metro Tech today.