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How Can I Control Lights with My Phone?

How Can I Control Lights with My Phone?

For decades, homeowners and business owners alike relied on low-cost incandescent light bulbs to illuminate their properties. However, smart LED lighting has grown in popularity because they’re more energy-efficient and durable than the lightbulbs of years past. Say goodbye to standing up to turn your lights on or off, and say hello to controlling your lighting with your phone. 

Stay tuned to learn more about this innovative lighting solution. 


Information on Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is an advanced way to light your home and business. Smart LED bulbs come with software that you can connect to a mobile app, smart home assistant, or other smart accessories, giving you the freedom to automate and control your lights remotely. One of the main benefits of smart lighting is that they’re hassle-free. If you’re worried about needing to add extra old-fashioned, unsightly wall switches to your home or office, you’ll be pleased to hear these lighting solutions don’t require additional light switches. 


The advantages of smart lighting don’t stop at controlling your lights remotely, as there are other surprising benefits to switching to smart lighting. In today’s blog, we’ll explore the several benefits of using this modern lighting solution. 


Why is Smart Lighting Superior?

Smart light bulbs are energy efficient: Smart LED bulbs generate less heat than traditional light bulbs, which uses less energy. Best of all, they last extra years compared to their old-school counterparts. 


Smart light bulbs are easily dimmable: Archaic light bulbs require you to use a switch to control lighting—and nothing else. So, if you want to dim your lights, you’ll need to wire a dimmer switch into one of your walls. If you’re into minimalism, a clunky dimmer switch can ruin your home’s aesthetic. Furthermore, if someone in your household uses a wheelchair, traditional dimmer switches may not be accessible. 


On the other hand, you can control smart LED lights using an app on your phone; this guarantees they’re accessible to everyone in your house. 


Smart light bulbs are connectable: Pairing your smart lighting system with other connected devices, such as audio equipment, cameras, thermostats, and home assistants, allows you to create a complete smart home. Best of all, since your lighting system can connect to your smartphone app, you can view its status from anywhere. You’ll never have to ask, “Did I leave the light on?” again. 


Smart light bulbs are automated: You can configure your smart LED lightbulbs individually or as a group. Set timers that automatically turn off all your lights at a specific time. Alternatively, you can configure your lights to turn on or off, depending on if you’re at home or not. 


Smart light bulbs provide instant mood lighting: Preset and personalized light scenes can create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether you’re using warm-to-cool or colorful LED lights, all you’ll need to do is tap a button on your phone to achieve the desired ambient effect. 


How Do Smart Light Bulbs Work?

One of the primary benefits of smart light bulbs is that they come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and configurations. You can use these bulbs to smarten your existing light bulb fixtures, such as a bedside lamp or kitchen pendant light. They’re perfect for single-bulb fixtures and groups of lights that you would like to make colorful. 


Some smart bulbs send their signals using a low-energy wireless standard called Zigbee. You can buy these individually, in pairs, or sets. You’ll be able to use remotes, mobile app, or a personal assistant to control your lights. 


Other smart bulbs send their signals using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and they can connect directly to your phone, router, or smart home controller. These bulbs are team players, too, because you can connect them to other smart home devices. 


The Science Behind Smart Switches

Smart switches are a fantastic way to make your lighting smart without the stress of replacing every bulb individually. For instance, if you have in-wall switches that control multiple recessed lights in an open area, you can replace them with a smart one that will be easier to use and more cost-effective than replacing every bulb. 


Look out for three-way lighting setups where two different switches control one light. Take note of specific requirements, such as a neutral wire, and make sure you turn off your circuit breaker before doing any electrical modifications. Alternatively, you can contact a professional installation company to do the work for you. 


Upgrading Your Home or Office? All Metro Tech Can Help

Smart lighting is a bright idea that can enhance your home or office atmosphere. All Metro Tech is a full-service residential and commercial custom electronics design and integration company. Our team consists of world-class experts in every field whose number one priority is to provide the highest quality products and services to our clients. 


Custom-tailored smart lighting allows you to change the mood of any room. Furthermore, you can provide your family with a safe environment by linking your fixtures with a security system that can turn on all the lights if an intruder is detected. 


Let us create the perfect lighting solution for your home or business. We service Salt Lake County and Park City. Reach out to us today