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How Can Commercial Automation Influence Your Retail Customers?

How To Make Your Small Business Stand Out

How Can Commercial Automation Influence Your Retail Customers?

As a small business owner, you know how difficult it can be to make a large impact on your customer. However, there are ways to establish your brand and stand out from the crowd besides a national ad campaign. Using commercial automation can help new customers find you and provide a unique experience.  To learn more about how to enhance your Park City, UT area business, continue reading. 

Digital Signs

Digital signs utilize video display to display dynamic ads. You can control the content from a personal computer and select marketing that is relevant to each unique day or even time of day.

The market around digital signage is on the rise. In 2017, the IHS Global Market for Digital Signage Forecasts growth of about 9 percent across the industry, and a 16 percent growth in the retail market alone. The reason more business are investing in digital signs? They provide a more engaging message than traditional signs. According to a study by Arbitron in 2010, 19 percent of customers viewing a digital sign make an unplanned purchase based on the advertisement.

Interactive Display

A specific type of digital signage is interactive video display. Many businesses are using these products to help combat the ever-growing threat of e-commerce. When customers enter your establishment, greet them with an interactive map. They can browse your products and see exactly where they are at in the store. Customers can also see ads or other suggestions based on what they are already viewing. You’ll be able to give your clients the best of both worlds: the ability to see all their options on one screen and the chance to see and feel the product before purchase.

Commercial Lighting Control

Commercial automation can also help set the right ambiance for your store. Lighting, for instance, is very important to the shopping experience. Customers subconsciously want to spend time in places that are warmly lit. Plus, smart lighting decisions can help you highlight particular products that you would like to push. By combining LED fixtures and simple control, you can decide what the temperature of the light will be, utilize different colors, and adjust the light intensity at the touch of a button. Because you can use your personal smartphone or tablet to make these changes, you can create and implement a lighting scheme from anywhere.

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Audio Distribution

Another way to set the right tone for shopping is through audio. A professional installation will ensure that speakers are evenly dispersed so that there aren’t zones that are too loud or too quiet. Your unique audio system can be designed to play audio from your chosen source including streaming services and your personal library of MP3s. Again, you or your staff can easily make adjustments to your audio using a touch panel or tablet so that you can always set the right mood for the moment.

An investment in commercial automation can help you engage with your customer and keep them in your Utah store. To learn more about this and other commercial solutions, contact All Metro Tech today.