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Crestron Commercial Automation: The Best Choice for Developers

Crestron’s intuitive, robust systems make them the ideal option for new commercial building projects

Crestron Commercial Automation: The Best Choice for Developers

You’re a builder, architect or designer hired to build a large office building, and the client has asked for a comprehensive commercial automation system. A number of companies have devices and systems you could recommend, but which one will give you the best result and make your clients happy? At All Metro Tech, we recommend Crestron for all your commercial automation needs. As a Crestron installer, we’re familiar with the needs of Salt Lake City businesses, and we can create a custom solution that will leave your clients floored. Here are some Crestron systems we can help install in your next commercial building project.


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Dealing with technical issues when you’re trying to have a meeting is not only tedious, it looks unprofessional in front of clients and hurts productivity. To eliminate these sorts of hurdles, why not install one of Crestron’s Mercury all-in-one video conference systems?

These easy-to-use touchpads have HDMI connectivity, wireless presentation technology built in, a built-in camera, and connect to laptops running any presentation or conference software using USB. Whatever program a client wants to use to run their meetings, the Crestron Mercury line can handle it, resulting in more time spent doing useful work and less time fussing with cables or software. Built-in corporate directory access and room scheduling functionality also take the hassle out of dialing into a meeting or finding a time to get everyone together.



Forget dry-erase boards and old-fashioned projectors; Crestron’s presentation and workplace collaboration tools are state-of-the-art and bring employees together to get more done faster. This makes them a no-brainer to install in your next commercial building project.

Crestron’s digital whiteboards come with sharing tools that allow whatever’s on screen to be shown on a TV display and viewed remotely via web browser. The digital whiteboards also automatically save a snapshot of every change you make as you draw, and the images can be compiled into a slide presentation for later viewing. Combined with Crestron’s wireless presentation systems, sharing information among teams is now easier than ever, facilitating a more efficient workplace.



As we’ve written before (see the links above), commercial lighting systems are a great way for businesses to improve efficiency and save money, so they should absolutely be included in your next commercial building.

Using a network of sensors, Crestron lighting control systems can automatically detect if someone is in a room or not, meaning your clients will never be wasting energy on an empty space. Automated shades allow businesses to better harness natural light, improving the mood in a space as well as lessening the need for artificial light when daylight can still be used.

Automated climate control systems can also greatly improve efficiency. The same sensors that detect if someone is in a room and adjust the lights can be used to turn the heating or air conditioning on or off. Over time, this will lead to significant savings as less energy is spent heating or cooling rooms nobody is currently using.



We at All Metro Tech want to help you wow your clients on your next commercial project. To find out more about how a Crestron installer can improve your Salt Lake City venture, call us at (801) 330-8320 or visit our website.