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Are Home Theaters Worth It?

Are Home Theaters Worth It?

Boasting a private theater was once considered the ultimate luxury reserved for film stars, movie moguls, and industry titans with access to unlimited film libraries. Nowadays, technological advances have made it possible for most homeowners to enjoy a state-of-the-art audio and entertainment space.


Is it time to add a personal cinema to your home? Let’s take a look at the benefits.


Perks of a Home Theater

Private media rooms are designed to replicate the experience of watching movies in a public movie theater but in a more intimate, comfortable environment. Best of all, you can watch TV shows and play video games in your home theater, which is an advantage you can’t experience at a commercial theater. Most of them come with viewing screens that are 18 feet long with elaborate sound systems and cushy seating. 

Home theaters are worth it if you enjoy experiencing media in the highest quality possible from your home’s comfort. Most people enjoy them because they have control over the following three factors. 


Number One: Media

A personal theater allows the viewer to pick what to watch and when to watch it. It will never be too late or too early to watch your favorite film! Furthermore, you can pause your movie or TV show if you need to go out for a stretch or use the restroom. You also have the control to rewind your program if you want to repeat your favorite scene. 


Thanks to the variety of streaming services available, you’ll always have a broad selection of domestic and foreign films, TV shows, sporting events, and documentaries at your fingertips. 


Number Two: Atmosphere

As the homeowner, you’ll be able to customize the room temperature, sound levels, seating arrangements, and more. It will never be too hot or cold in your theater. There won’t be any “bad seats” to avoid. 


Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about hearing other people’s conversations, getting your toes stepped on when others go to the restroom, or seeing distracting lights coming from people’s phones. 


Conversely, if you’re the type of person who makes funny commentaries in the middle of a movie, you won’t have to worry about strangers shushing you. You’ll also be able to eat whatever you want instead of buying those over-priced movie theater snacks. 


Number Three: Costs

Having a home movie theater means you don’t have to go to the cinema to enjoy the big screen. Although going to the movies is always fun, it can also be expensive. Moreover, ticket prices fluctuate every day. If you have weekends off from work, you’ll end up paying more to see the newest release on a Saturday than on a Tuesday. 


The primary benefit of going to the movies is that you can see the newest films, but some websites allow people to stream the latest movies for a fraction of the cost; no need to have a fear of missing out! Alternatively, you can wait approximately three months to watch new movies in your home theater for an even lower price.  


Equipment You’ll Need for Your Home Theater


One Screen or Multiple Screens

The key to a high-quality media viewing experience is seamless source switching with simple controls. Multiscreen systems are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with sports enthusiasts who watch several games at once. Many gamers also use multiple screens to give each player a personal perspective of the game. Others create a video wall that features security cameras and baby monitors. The possibilities are endless! 


High-Quality Projector 

An HD projector is similar to those displayed in commercial theaters. You can buy a TV that’s larger than 100 inches, but the costs can quickly add up. Although a bigger TV will have a superior screen resolution (the number of pixels per unit area), we recommend going with an HD projector to save money while recreating an authentic movie theater experience. 


Surround Sound System

Movie producers believe sound is the most critical factor in making a viewing experience memorable. You should invest in a 5-to-1 sound system that consists of left, center, right, surround left, and surround right speakers equipped with a subwoofer for the best bass response. A subwoofer is a loudspeaker designed to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass and sub-bass. High-quality surround sound systems are a must if you’re an action movie fanatic. 


Tips for Creating the Best Home Theater

Do your research: The worst action you can take when building a home theater is buying electronics without doing your homework. What if you end up buying a surround sound system that isn’t compatible with your other devices?


Set a budget: Decide on a budget before you head into the store. You can adjust your price range as needed once you see devices that capture your interest in a person. 


Don’t neglect the rest of your theater: Spend time considering the placement of seats, lighting, and your door concerning everything else. Generally, the screen is the main focus of the theater. 

Create the Home Theater of Your Dreams with All Metro Tech

Bring the magic of movies to your home with a personal cinema. At All Metro Tech, we understand you want to enjoy the full theater experience without going out and spending a pretty penny on movie tickets and popcorn. We specialize in home theater design with integrated systems you can control on one screen. Your family and friends can enjoy high-definition movies with a full surround sound experience.


We service Salt Lake and Summit counties. Our home and commercial automation systems can give you full control and functionality of your home or business. 


Contact us today to get started on the ultimate personal movie theater experience.