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All Metro Tech is Still Open: Your Safety is Our Priority

All Metro Tech is Still Open: Your Safety is Our Priority

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up businesses, both big and small, as well as consumer behavior on a scale we’ve never seen before. Both the public and private sectors are doing their best to stop the spread and contain infections. Although the full economic consequences of this pandemic are unclear, we know the devastating impact it can have on people, particularly those who are more vulnerable.

All Metro Tech’s mission is to connect people with innovative technology solutions to simplify and enhance their lives both at home and at work. As an essential business, we’re able to continue serving our customers, but it’s not business as usual. We care about your safety, so we’ve implemented the following guidelines to keep our clients and staff safe during this outbreak. 


These procedures are mandatory and effective immediately. 


Concerning Field Technician and Site Visits


  • All field technicians will be wiping down all contact points in their vans with disinfecting cleaner after each service visit, as well as the beginning and end of each day. 
  • All Metro Tech continues to mandate regular hand washing after restroom use and before eating. 
  • We provided each van driver with hand-sanitizer for each vehicle. All technicians working out of their vehicle are encouraged to use it regularly.
  • As a protection measure for our team members and clients, we’ve instructed all in-field technicians to wear protective shoe booties, gloves, and masks at all times when inside a client’s home. 
  • Shaking hands is prohibited, and technicians should maintain a proper distance of six feet from a customer at all times. 
  • If any technician begins to exhibit signs of sickness, we will place them on mandatory leave immediately.
  • Should a technician knowingly come in contact with someone carrying COVID-19, they will be immediately placed on a 14-day quarantine leave, along with any other staff members who they’ve been in contact with. 
  • All Metro Tech will follow all appropriate testing guidelines for its employees, as set forth by the CDC and local health department.
  • We ask our clients to immediately report any behavior that’s concerning or inappropriate, such as to conduct that doesn’t fall in line with our procedures above, to the All Metro Tech administration
  • We ask our clients to report to the All Metro Tech administration if their health was compromised due to illness, or if they’ve been exposed to COVID-19. 
  • We encourage our field technicians to pack a home lunch and sufficient water or other beverages to get them through the workday. We discourage unnecessary trips to convenience stores, gas stations, or eateries. 
  • All newly-installed equipment in a client’s home will be wiped down with a disinfecting cleaner where appropriate. DO NOT USE AMMONIA BASED CLEANERS ON TOUCHSCREENS, DISPLAYS, or TVs!!!


Concerning the All Metro Tech Showroom and Office Location:


  • The All Metro Tech showroom is closed to walk-in traffic effective immediately.
  • We’re following all regular delivery schedules, but deliveries through the main lobby door are prohibited.
  • Hand washing is required for any employee assisting with deliveries or handling boxes from deliveries; this is to take place immediately following the delivery. 
  • Any employee working in the warehouse who handles boxes and equipment must wash their hands once they finish their warehouse tasks. 
  • The main lobby door will remain locked at all times during business hours. All entrances and exits to the office/showroom should be through the main warehouse door. 
  • In-person client meetings are available upon request, but meeting attendees should be limited to two. 
  • We encourage video and web-based meetings. All Metro Tech will provide the recommended services for these meetings. 
  • We clean all contact points in the showroom with disinfecting cleaner both morning and night, as well as after each in-person client demo.
  • We’ve set up multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout the showroom. 
  • We sanitize all user interfaces, touch screens, and remote controls after each demo as well as every morning and afternoon. 
  • Effective immediately, All Metro Tech will no longer provide clients with snacks, candy, water bottles, gum, or any other food or beverage item. We’ve removed all snack stations until further notice. 


Essential Business Designation


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has classified security integrators and technicians, security offices, and control room operators as essential critical infrastructure workers during the COVID-19 response. Our business is crucial to helping homeowners set up home offices and learning environments. During this unprecedented period, our team is committed to helping companies to stay connected, support remote learning for students, and protect our clients’ houses and families. 


All Metro Tech reserves the right to modify our operations to protect the health and safety of our employees and their families.


Thank you for your patience and consideration, as we all endure these unfortunate circumstances. Working together, we will weather this storm. 


- Jereme Barnes, Owner, All Metro Tech