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4 Things Your Media Room Needs

4 Things Your Media Room Needs

A media room is a modern essential. Having a room to relax and enjoy movies, sports events, tv shows, video games, and more can create longtime memories that will invite everyone into your home. A media room creates an incredible opportunity to host for family, friends, and neighbors. The options for your media room are endless, and you can easily customize your media room to become the perfect hangout to meet your needs.

Right now your media room might just be a family room. Or maybe you have an unfinished basement that’s just begging to become the showstopping media room you see in the magazines. Perhaps you have the big screen TV but nothing else, and you’re wondering how to maximize that space for your family and to create options. No matter what your situation, All Metro Tech can help you understand your modern technology options and smart home gear that can change your media room experience.

Why Create a Media Room?

Many homeowners ask us “What’s the point of a media room? Can’t I just use my family room?” You can certainly use your family room to host the Super Bowl or finally have that Star Wars movie marathon, but wouldn’t a dedicated media or theater room be much more awesome? The point of a media room or theater room is to create a space dedicated to entertainment and relaxing in your home. Family rooms are often designed for gathering, toy storage, photo display, and a hundred other purposes. Your media room is a spot for exclusive entertainment and can be catered to whatever your family does best.

A media room is especially important to people who love to host, and families with teenagers. If you love to host parties, watch awards shows, binge watch your favorite TV shows and movies, and follow sports teams, a media room can be the solution to all of your problems. A media room can provide a spot for the serious viewers to gather while freeing up the kitchen and family room for other members of the party.

For families of teenagers, a media room can be a total game-changer in your relationship with your teen. Don’t believe us? Ask your teen which home is their favorite to hang at, and we can almost guarantee it’s a friend’s house with a killer media or theater room. A media room where your teen can invite over their friends for movies and video games can ensure that your teen is home and safe, bringing over friends so you can get to know them, rather than somewhere else doing who knows what with who knows who.

The media room doesn’t have to be about just a screen, either. A ping pong table, puzzle station, giant stack of board games, or other fun activities can make a media room the landing zone for everyone in your family.

4 Things Your Media Room Needs

1. A Projector or Smart TV.
It’s up to you, and it depends on the size and orientation of your media room, but having some way to watch the important media you love is essential. There are benefits to each option – projector or smart tv. A projector creates a huge picture and decreases the chance of breakage if you have young kids in your space. A smart tv allows for more easy toggling and finding the programs you love, without the additional connection of your projector. Once you have your display choice made, add in extras for your media consumption. Netflix is your first necessary addition, then add other streaming services based on what you love (baseball, news, movies). An Apple TV, Amazon fire stick, Roku streaming, and other smart devices can give you bundles and access to programs that can fuel all of your binging needs.

2. Sound System.
There are unlimited ways to provide sound to your media room, depending on how you use the room and the range of your budget. All Metro Tech can consult with you about the appropriate technology for your media room, such as a surround sound system or one all functioning sound bar. You’ll need different sound technology for video games than for blockbuster movies, and different sound technology still if you plan to use the room for ambient music during hangouts. Inline speakers and acoustic panels can be selected if you’re serious about a media room that blows your guests away.

3. Comfy Seating.
It goes without saying that you need comfortable seating in your media room. If you mostly use the room for movie and TV show viewing, a smart couch that allows for heating, reclining, cupholders, and more can make it a room you never want to leave. Gaming chairs are a fabulous option for the gamers in your home, and bean bags are always a hit with kids. Light, portable chairs can be tucked away with game tables for when you want to bust out the board games or puzzles.

4. Smart Lighting.
Smart lighting is one of the most impressive smart technology additions you can make for your media room. It’s not just about turning off the lights to enjoy your theater room experience – smart lighting technology will take it to the next level. Dimmable lights allow for a low level of light while gaming or watching a sporting event where you don’t want it to be completely dark in the room. Voice-activated lights can help you enter and exit the room easily, as well as allowing you to adjust lighting without having to get up from your comfy chair.

The list of smart technology and fun options for your media room doesn’t stop there. If you’re in the process of creating a media room for your home, or upgrading your existing room, All Metro Tech is excited to help you find the right tools for the perfect media room. Our experts are knowledgeable about a variety of technology options and can even help you assemble them for the best possible home entertainment experience.