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4 Financial Benefits of a Smart Home

4 Financial Benefits of a Smart Home

We may not have flying cars or jetpacks yet, but smart home technology has definitely made it feel like we’re finally in “the future.” Smart home technology is important, life-changing, and constantly evolving. It seems that every year new home automation tools are created or released to benefit homeowners everywhere. There are so many options on the market today that can transform your home to be a more comfortable nest and an impenetrable fortress.

The description “smart home” is a very generic umbrella term. The way you convert your home to a smart home is completely personal and customizable. It’s one of the very best features of home automation! You can buy whole-home systems, or you can assemble your own system piece by piece that will fit your individual needs and the size, style, and orientation of your home.

We’re not here to tell you exactly HOW to build your own smart home, just four major financial benefits that you’ll get from making your home more “smart.”

4 Financial Benefits of a Smart Home

Many elements of smart home technology can seem expensive, especially if you’re not totally sure of how you’ll use it in day-to-day life. You may also worry about the price tag of installation or re-wiring of your home. It’s important to think of it as an investment in your future, but also to consider the many ways that your smart home can provide financial benefits to you.

1. Utilities

Since this is a common selling point for smart home technology, you may already be aware of the potential for utility savings with your home automation. But few homeowners are aware of just how much smart home technology can save them in the long run. Let’s start with your smart thermostat. Using a Nest or other comparable smart thermostat, you can remotely control the temperature of your home and automate a temperature schedule. For example, you can drop the temperature during the day while no one is home, at night when you want to sleep cooler, or anytime you’re out of town. This may seem like a negligible adjustment, but a study has found it can save you more than 10% on your utilities. Pull out your utility bills for the last 6 months and determine just how much that would save you in dollars – not to mention comfort. It doesn’t stop with your thermostat, either. Having your lights automated or controlled remotely means you can turn off the lights your kids always leave on, or get a reminder when a door or window is left open. Your utility bills will start to shrink, while peace of mind grows.

2. Home Value

A smart home is a cool home. It’s always fun to show off the new technology and control you have in your home. Using Alexa to turn on Netflix is a pretty great party trick. But it’s more than just bragging rights for having the coolest house on the block. It can actually impact the value of your home! A smart home automation system shows that your home is modern, updated, and safe. If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, adding smart home automation can make it much more appealing to potential buyers. If you’re not looking to sell, adding smart home technology can still increase your value for an appraisal or refinance.

3. Insurance

Insurance companies LOVE smart home automation. You know why? It makes your home so much safer, and therefore less of a risk for them! When you employ smart home technology, your home is far less susceptible to claims that would require insurance payouts, such as a break-in, theft, fire, carbon monoxide, and even disaster. Almost all insurance companies offer discounts to customers who use smart home automation. Call your insurance provider to see what benefits and discounts they provide to those who use home automation. Usually, all you have to do is provide a photo or other documentation of the smart home technology being installed and functional in your residence.

4. Loss and Repair Prevention

As stated above, smart home automation is incredibly helpful for protecting your home, and one of the primary reasons homeowners seek out home automation. They can save you money on insurance, but also save you from many consequences that may not be covered by insurance, or prevent the need to submit a claim in the first place. A smart home is less likely to be burglarized, vandalized, or intruded in any way. Being able to watch and lock your home remotely helps you keep it secure, or quickly scare away or catch criminals in the event they try to step foot on your property. Quick detection of fire, poison, or water can help you identify and stop disasters from happening. Did you forget to close your garage and you’re worried someone might steal your skis and camping gear? A quick check on your phone can close the garage and lock all your doors. Smart home automation can keep you from replacing or repairing damaged possessions, saving you some money and sanity.  

As you can see, smart home automation goes way beyond just seeing who is knocking on your door. It can save you hundreds of dollars a year, become more energy efficient, have the coolest house on the block, and keep you safe and secure. At All-Metro Tech, we stand ready to help you turn your home into a smart home paradise with whatever tools and technology you need. Our experts can explain all of your smart home options and find solutions that work for your unique needs. Let us help you save money and stay safe with a smart home in 2019.