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4 Benefits of Using QMotion Motorized Shades in Your Home

Near-silent shades offer total lighting control for homeowners

4 Benefits of Using QMotion Motorized Shades in Your Home

Looking to make your West Jordan, Utah, home smarter, more energy-efficient and more comfortable while improving your interior design? Motorized shades can help you accomplish all these things, and QMotion shades are an excellent option for any homeowner. No matter what style of shades you’re looking for, QMotion has a product for you. Here are some of the benefits you’ll see after installing their shades:

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Silence is golden

QMotion motorized shades have been specifically engineered to run as smoothly and quietly as possible to ensure a pleasant user experience. The motor system uses steel ball bearings to minimize friction as the shades move up or down, creating as little noise as possible. This design also means the shades require less power to operate and have improved energy efficiency.

You’re in control

Only QMotion shades have their patented manual override feature, allowing you full control over any shades you install in your home. You can link the shades to your existing home automation system or control them with your smartphone or another remote device, but the manual override feature also means you can still adjust the shades by hand if you so choose. The built-in safety brake system will make sure you don’t damage any walls or windows by raising the shades up too far.

An eco-friendly option

Motorized shades are a great way to improve your energy efficiency, and QMotion shades are no exception. Set the shades to automatically adjust over the course of the day to keep your home better insulated, lowering your energy costs and your environmental impact.

QMotion shades with their patented KOOLBLACK technology can help you see additional savings by increasing the reflectivity of the shades’ fabric. Darker shade fabrics are great options for reducing glare while still allowing you to see through them, but they’re not always ideal for keeping your home cool because dark fabrics absorb more energy from the near-infrared wavelength. QMotion’s KOOLBLACK fabrics solve this problem by making the fabric more reflective, meaning less heat energy is absorbed.

Comfort and convenience

Ready to watch a movie or your favorite TV show? With QMotion shades, a simple tap on your smartphone or other device will lower the shades automatically, making for a much more convenient experience. QMotion products also offer superior glare reduction because of their bracket design, which leaves only a half-inch of space for light to enter on each side of the shade. QMotion shades can be powered by either a battery or a hard-wired solution. Batteries have a life-expectancy of three years.

Ready to learn more?

If you’re a West Jordan homeowner interested in installing QMotion shades in your home, contact the experts at All Metro Tech. They’ll be happy to find the perfect motorized shade solution for you. Call All Metro Tech at (801) 330-8320 or fill out their residential project questionnaire.