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3 Ways Motorized Shades Can Enhance the Dining Experience

How Automation Improves Your Salt Lake City Restaurant or Bar

3 Ways Motorized Shades Can Enhance the Dining Experience

If you’re a restaurant or bar owner in Utah, you know the importance of keeping the customer happy. There are many obvious ways that you are probably already accomplishing this--great food, for one. However, to provide a truly great dining experience, you will also need to pay attention to the subtler details. From creating the perfect ambiance to making your restaurant more efficient, motorized shades are a less obvious solution that works. To learn more about how automating your window coverings can keep customers coming back, read on. 

1. A Better Ambiance

One reason that customers return again and again to their favorite dining spot is the ambiance. The way the space is lit can define the look and feel of your restaurant or bar. One way to achieve your ideal lighting scheme is through lighting control. However, if you don’t have a means of controlling the natural light, then your efforts will be thwarted. Motorized shades provide this control.

To create your perfect ambiance, you can program your shades to act at certain times or under certain conditions. For instance, let’s say you’re going for a more casual lunch but a more romantic dinner experience. You probably want to draw the shades to keep the lights low for dinner. Program your shades to descend at a certain time each day.

 You can also set your shades to solar sensors that will lower the shades depending on the sun’s angle. That way customers won’t experience any glares while they are eating.

2. More Efficiency  

The best part about these settings is that they are automatic, which means it won’t require any attention from managers or employees. This will free up the entire team to provide a better dining experience overall. No one will be pulled away because the shades aren’t in the right position for optimal lighting.

Plus, because all of the shades in the entire establishment will be under one system of control, you can make any one-time adjustments quickly and easily. Using a tablet or a smartphone, a manager can change the settings from anywhere in the restaurant. In addition, they can make changes that will affect all the window coverings at once. No longer will you have to walk over to every shade and manually change them. Again, that frees time to pay attention to the customer’s dining needs.

3. Energy Savings

The modern consumer is not only looking for a great experience; they are looking for a green one. In fact, about 80 percent of consumers today say that they would make personal sacrifices to support social or environmental causes. By adding motorized shades, you can show that you are doing your part to reduce your environmental footprint--and you’ll be saving money each month.

How do motorized shades save energy? They can help reduce your electricity usage. For instance, during the summer, you can use specifically designed solar shades to keep out the sun’s heat and give your AC a bit of a break. In the winter, use your shades to collect heat when the sun is out and then insulate your windows to keep that heat inside. They are one step towards a greener business.

If you’re interested in adding motorized shades to your Salt Lake City bar or restaurant, contact us today.