How to Enjoy a Secure, Fast, & Reliable Network


Time to Upgrade Your Internet?

Internet access has become a critical element of any home.  We utilize multiple streaming services at once, play online games, and conduct our personal interactions via social media and video calls. The network installed in your Park City, UT home must be designed to manage the data loads, be convenient to access, and be protected from nefarious hackers.  

All Metro Tech's experience in home networking installation is unparalleled. We pride ourselves on providing network systems that meet your current needs and will accommodate future growth. Our design-build approach ensures that every aspect of the system, from security to interconnection between technology, results in a reliable, robust network.

Read more to find out how installing a home network can improve your Park City, UT home.

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Ban the Buffering

A data network for the home has to handle a ton of traffic; its framework can rival and even supersede small business installs. It takes a skilled set of technicians to design and verify robust reliability.

The move of media to streaming formats, especially video, generates enormous amounts of data, stressing many advanced set-ups. The delivery of 4K video requires several gigabytes of data per second for each source and destination. With a strong enough Wi-Fi signal across the house, you’ll be confident that every member of the family can be online without dreaded buffering. 

The Correct Connection

Networks can utilize two types of connection—wired or wireless—each with its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing which to use where can increase network reliability and security.

The most reliable and efficient method is to use a hardwired connection.  The category cable and RJ45 connector provide a direct connection without the interference issues wireless transmission can experience. A hardwire connection also provides the most consistent speeds, as the amount of required overhead to verify data is less. While the single most robust medium, wired systems are fixed to a location. 

Wi-Fi is the most convenient method of receiving data, as a device can be anywhere there is coverage in the house. Wireless connections require a bit more of a constant verification process, which can lead to intermittent speed drops as the data load increases. 

A properly designed and implemented Wi-Fi system can minimize latency by building overlapping coverage and setting priorities on the data to be delivered.  By its very nature, transmission over the air, wireless systems are more susceptible to intrusion or hacking. Our engineers protect your network by implementing security schemes and by directing coverage where you want it and not out on the street.

Stay Safe

Security is an integral element of any home network. While we want the most secure system to keep our private business and intimate communications safe from prying eyes, it can be a balancing act. The protections do help prevent intrusions, but the constant overhead bandwidth they require can be a concern.

Top-notch security and monitoring can keep you well protected. With the increase of IoT (Internet of Things) devices propagating at an incredible rate, malware, and other viruses' threat increases.  We protect your home using a combination of integrated firewalls, data management, profiling, and intrusion detection and prevention.

Our experts take protecting your information seriously and will advise you on the best methods for protecting your systems while maximizing performance.

Are you interested in maximizing the performance and protection of your Park City, UT home network? Find out more by calling All Metro Tech at (801) 330-8320 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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