3 Signs You Need Smart Home Security


Who Benefits the Most from Intelligent Security Systems?

Your home should be your sanctuary--a place where you feel totally safe and comfortable. A security system can go a long way toward keeping your Park City, UT area property protected from various dangers like home invasion or accidents like fire or gas leaks. A smart home security system takes things one step further by simplifying how you keep tabs on and manage your security features. If you doubt that you really need the extra safety features that come with a smart system, then take note. In this article, we’re pointing out three common security issues that a smart system solves. Continue reading to see if you fit into any of these categories. 

You Travel Frequently

If you are often away from home for extended periods of time, then a home security system is particularly important. Maybe you have a vacation home that only gets used for a few months a year or you just travel for work. Whatever the reason, an unoccupied home is vulnerable to home invasion as burglars seek out empty residences. 

While a standard system can help, smart home security offers homeowners even more peace of mind for those times the home is unoccupied. Whenever something goes wrong in a smart home--if a motion sensor by your door is triggered, or a surveillance camera detects specific activity-- an alert will be sent right to your phone, tablet, or personal computer. You’ll always be kept in the loop.

In addition, other smart home features can come into play to keep your home safe. Lighting control systems have numerous benefits like reducing your home’s carbon footprint, but they can also make your home appear occupied. Work with your smart home team to create a “Mockupancy” setting that you can activate when you’re away. That will turn lights on and off to make your home appear lived in and reduce the possibility that your home will be targeted.

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You Are a Working Parent

The school year is coming up quickly. If you’re a working parent, you can’t always be there when the kids arrive home. With a smart surveillance system, you can keep tabs on the comings and goings of your children right from the office. With a smart door lock, you can receive alerts when the front door is opened. Then, you can pull up live footage of the front door to make sure that it’s your kids safely arriving home from school.

Plus, you can place smart surveillance cameras in those areas of the home that could be dangerous--like the pool or basement. Therefore, you can keep an eye on the kids when they are in those areas to make sure that nothing goes wrong while you’re at work. You can also add smart door locks inside the home to keep your children away from your wine cellar or weight room. If those doors are accessed, an alert will be sent to you.

You Sometimes Forget to Secure Your Home

Home security is only effective if you remember to activate it. Smart home security offers homeowners easy-to-use control features that help ensure that you arm the system, lock the door, and secure your home each day.

One smart home control option that we particularly like is scenes. Scenes allow you to collect common settings under one command. For instance, when you’re leaving the home, you almost always want to turn off most of your electronics, close the shades, and adjust the thermostat. Instead of going around the whole home to make those individual adjustments, you only need to press one button to do this. You can even use an app on your smartphone to do this remotely. If you include security features in your “Away” command, you can ensure that your doors are locked and the security system is armed every time you leave.

If you match with any of these descriptions, or you want an easier to manage security system, then smart home security may be right for you. Contact All Metro Tech today to learn more about smart homes and their security features.


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